About the Candriam Academy

We live in a rapidly changing world impacted by evolving dynamics such as climate, demographics, growing inequalities and rising extremes, as well as the technological progress that is changing our way of living.

Faced with such challenges, economic agents have an important role to play in ensuring the development of a sustainable and responsible economy, not only for future generations, but also for today’s world.

Naïm Abou-Jaoudé

CEO, Candriam

Candriam Academy Partners

The Candriam Academy could not have been developed without the help of a select group of key partners. For more information on our key partners including who they are, how they contributed to The Candriam Academy and how to get in touch with them, please click on relevant logo to visit our partners page.

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Our commitment

Candriam divests from coal and tobacco

CANDRIAM announces that it will extend the scope of controversial activities exclusion for all its assets to thermal coal, tobacco and chemical, biological and white phosphorus weapons. CANDRIAM’s exclusion policy, which has been successfully implemented...

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Sustainable financing required for sustainable growth

The European Commission action plan aims to provide Europe with a new financial framework. The legislation will ensure that investors integrate sustainability issues into all of their investment decisions. What will change The action plan draws on 3 recommendations...

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Candriam releases its 2017 ESG Country Report

Candriam’s 2017 ESG Country Report meets the growing demand for an investment approach which takes account of environmental or social ‘externalities’ until recently considered ‘immaterial’. Traditionally, sovereign credit analysis does not assess a...

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