Introduction to SI

The entry-level module provides an introduction and short overview of sustainable and responsible investment. After successfully completing the course you will have a basic, general understanding of SRI and understand why it is important for you to discuss this area of investment with your clients.

Module 1 Module 1 - What is Sustainable & Responsible Investing?
Unit 1 Demystifying different names for a similar target
Unit 2 A brief history of Sustainable Investing
Unit 3 Sustainable Investing is closely linked to Corporate Stewardship
Unit 4 The "Triple Bottom Line"
Unit 5 Defining Sustainable Investing
Unit 6 Module 1 Questions
Module 2 Module 2 - Why are investors adopting SI?
Unit 1 Climate change
Unit 2 Circular economy
Unit 3 Digitalization
Unit 4 Demographic shifts
Unit 5 Case study – Tesla
Unit 6 How does Sustainable Investing relate to ethics?
Unit 7 Module 2 Questions
Module 3 Module 3 - How is SI implemented?
Unit 1 Common approaches to sustainable and responsible investing
Unit 2 Exclusion
Unit 3 Positive selection
Unit 4 Thematic focus
Unit 5 Integration
Unit 6 The state of the Sustainable Investment market in the US / Europe
Unit 7 Module 3 questions
Module 4 Module 4 - How does it relate to financial performance?
Unit 1 Does sustainable and responsible investment (SRI) sacrifice investment returns to principles?
Unit 2 The question of materiality
Unit 3 Growing body of studies proving the positive financial impact of ESG integration
Unit 4 Module 4 questions
Module 5 Module 5 - How to measure sustainable impact?
Unit 1 Carbon Footprint
Unit 2 Other ESG impact indicators
Unit 3 UN Sustainable Development Goals
Unit 4 Module 5 questions
Module 6 Module 6 - How can investors influence companies?
Unit 1 Corporate Stewardship
Unit 2 Dialogue with corporate issuers
Unit 3 Shareholder Voting
Unit 4 Module 6 questions
Module 7 Module 7 - Introduction to SI
Unit 1 How can investors compare different sustainable investment funds?
Unit 2 Sustainability labels
Unit 3 European Sustainable Finance Initiative
Unit 4 UN PRI Ratings
Unit 5 Morningstar Globes
Unit 6 The Difference Between Labels and Ratings
Unit 7 Module 7 questions
Module 8 Module 8 - How does fiduciary duty interacts with SI?
Unit 1 Sustainable Investing and Fiduciary Management
Unit 2 The Evolving U.S. Fiduciary Standard
Unit 3 Broadening scope of fiduciary duty in Europe
Unit 4 Materiality and Fiduciary Responsibility
Unit 5 Module 8 Questions