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The Circular Economy

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As governments and companies allocate increasing resources towards this new economic model, you will learn why it is so different from the old linear model, why the transition from one to another is so crucial for sustainability and the different roles of companies within a circular economy.

What you will learn

The development of a circular economy represents an important step in the fulfillment of several UN Sustainable Development Goals. And it will revolutionize the consumer market. This is a concept with the focus on reducing the use of new resources by recycling, repurposing, replacing and rationalizing those materials that are already in use.

This thematic course will give you insight into the engine of the economy that sustainable investors want to build:

  • Can we stop the use of natural resources?
  • Environmental impact
  • The role of companies in enabling a circular economy
  • Two types of business models: enablers and transformers
  • Challenges faced by the circular economy

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Course Outline

Module 1 – The Circular Economy

Unit 2: Resource critically
Unit 3: Environmental impact
Unit 4: The role of companies in enabling a circular economy
Unit 5: Two types of business models- Enablers vs Transformers
Unit 6: Challenges faced by the circular economy

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