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Designed by industry experts

Candriam Academy brings together subject matter experts from around the world to deliver an educational program through an immersive digital experience using various video and visual aids. As a guarantee of quality, our courses are accredited to the highest educational standards. What’s more, when you complete the training, you’ll receive a certificate that you can store within your account.

Introduction to Sustainable Investing

Learn about the main approaches to sustainable investing, performance, shareholder activism and fiduciary responsibility.

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The Circular Economy

This course will give you insight into the engine of the economy that sustainable investors want to build.

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Climate Change

Learn how the global economy will need to change in order to stall the catastrophic rise in global temperatures.

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ESG Corporate Analysis

Get familiar with the crucial questions that need to be answered to form an objective ESG profile of a company.

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Sovereign Sustainability Analysis

This course is about the importance and the right way of approaching a sustainability profile of a country.

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About the accreditations


The courses offered by Candriam Academy are certified by many institutions, such as EFPA Italia, EFPA Spain, EFPA France, Spain’s CFA Society, FSPB Deutschland, CFP Austria, CPD UK, RIA Database & Dubai Legal Affairs Department. At the end of each course, you will receive a certificate of achievement.

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