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ESG Corporate Analysis

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While sustainable investing continues to gain momentum, there are still no universally accepted standards to define what exactly companies should disclose from the ESG perspective. This course will help you understand the crucial questions that need to be answered to form an objective ESG profile of a company.

What you will learn

Nowadays it seems that every asset manager wants to waive the ESG flag. But in the absence of industry standards governing the disclosure of ESG information by companies, the quality of analysis may vary.

Our short thematic course covers five essential steps which need to be taken in order to fully understand a company’s ESG risk profile:

  • Examine company’s earnings and expenditure to understand its main activity and its future direction
  • Look at how this main activity aligns with key sustainability objectives
  • Ask whether company’s operational conduct presents any scope for future controversies
  • Once your analysis complete, update and do it again to keep up-to-date
  • Cross pollinate ESG data across different functions, including corporate engagement

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Practical info

Free online course

1 hour estimated study time

Learn at your own pace with no deadlines

CFP Austria accredited for 1 CPD-Credits, registration no. 225-2023

FPSB Deutschland accredited for 1 CPD-Credits, registration no. 23-037

EFPA France accredited

Valid for 1 of hour training for the EFPA Spain re-certification

Valid for 1 PL credit for the Chartered Financial Analyst qualification and 1 CPD credit for the Certified Advisor CAd qualification, of which 1 are SER credits

CPD UK accredited

Available in Dutch, English, French, German, Italian and Spanish

Designed by industry experts

Course Outline

Module 1 – The basics of ESG analysis of companies

Unit 2: Step 1: Company’s revenues and spending
Unit 3: Step 2: Alignment with sustainability objectives
Unit 4: Step 3: Company operations and sustainability
Unit 5: Step 4: Ongoing analysis as a warning system
Unit 6: Step 5: Cross pollination of ESG data

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