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Sovereign Sustainability Analysis

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With responsible investing entering the mainstream, a sovereign credit worthiness is no longer just about dry statistics. Today it is also about a country’s resilience and preparedness to face major sustainability challenges of our time. This course is about the importance and the right way of approaching a sustainability profile of a country.

What you will learn

Sustainability factors – climate change, autocracy and populism, social injustice – are taking a centre stage in our everyday life. For long-term investors it means that their decisions will only stand the test of time if they fully account for these factors.

Our thematic course covers essential questions within four types of capital which will determine a country’s ability to repay its debts:

  • Why financial metrics alone are not enough to determine the creditworthiness of countries
  • What are the main approaches to assessing sovereign sustainability
  • Why the four types of capital have become the model of choice for international organisations and sovereign investors
  • Key elements of each type of capital and how they are connected

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1 hour estimated study time

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CFP Austria accredited for 1 CPD-Credits, registration no. 207-2023

FPSB Deutschland accredited for 1 CPD-Credits, registration no. 23-028

Valid for 1 of hour training for the EFPA Spain re-certification

Valid for 1 PL credit for the Chartered Financial Analyst qualification and 1 CPD credit for the Certified Advisor CAd qualification, of which 1 are SER credits

CPD UK accredited

Available in Dutch, English, French, German, Italian and Spanish

Designed by industry experts

Course Outline

Sovereign Sustainability Analysis: Four Types of Capital Model

Unit 1: Country Analysis: ESG or Four Types of Capital?
Unit 2: Pillar 1 – Natural Capital
Unit 3: Pillar 2 – Human Capital
Unit 4: Pillar 3 – Economic Capital
Unit 5: Pillar 4 – Social Capital

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