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Private Illiquid Assets and ESG

May 16, 2023


The basics of ESG in illiquid private assets, chaired by Renato Guerriero, Candriam’s Chief Sales & Distribution Officer.

This ESG Talk examines how investors can successfully integrate the ESG dimension in regard to illiquid Private Assets, such as private equity, private debt, real estate or infrastructure.

We look at different ESG approaches that are used today and at important considerations that help to achieve successful outcomes. We identify some of the main challenges that investors may encounter.

You will find out:

  • What does ESG mean for private assets and do ESG approaches differ between private markets asset classes?
  • How large is the market and what kind of investors dominate it?
  • What are the challenges for investors in terms of methodology and data?
  • Which drivers will fuel future growth opportunities?
  • And last but not least: how about regulation?

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