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Site Internet éco-conçu.

At Candriam Academy, it is important for us to live the facets of our teachings. So when it came to developing our new website for the Academy, a big focus was on the sustainability of our website – we wanted to build an example of energy efficiency.

Internet activity accounts for 2% to 4% of the total greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. But a lot of this energy is wasted on features and bandwidths that people do not actually need. It is paramount that the Internet industry eliminates the waste of energy.

Hence, we have followed a sustainable web design methodology to keep the Academy’s carbon footprint as low as possible. This involves:

  • Streamlining user journeys with clean and simple web architecture
  • Not exceeding 300 kilobytes per page
  • Reducing the number and weight of images/graphics/media on the website
  • Developing a static website featuring only essential functionalities
  • Avoiding data capture
  • Employing energy efficient web hosting that utilizes 100% renewable energy and cooling with outside air

To find out more about eco-design web design visit

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