Accredited Introduction to SRI

Introduction to sustainable and responsible investment

This first module provides a general introduction to the topic of sustainable and responsible investing. We begin by introducing some of the key terms and concepts that will be developed further throughout the course. Then we’ll look at ethics and what it imply for investing, and what do we mean when we talk about ESG.

Sustainability issues relating to ESG

This module outlines the sustainability issues that relate to the environmental, social and governance factors associated with SRI. We will also discuss sustainability ratings and labels, and finally we will cover the United Nations principles for responsible investment (UN PRI).

Different strategies for SRI investing

We examine the different types of strategies and approaches for sustainable and responsible investing. We will cover exclusion strategies such as norms based screening, ESG integration and best in class. Finally we will look at sustainability themed and impact investing.

Financial performance of SRI strategies

This module will help you understand the materiality of sustainability for investments across asset classes. We will look at the drivers of performance of SRI strategies, including some interesting data and case studies that dispel the myths surrounding SRI.

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